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The Eagle Enterprises

The Eagle Enterprises strive to maintain the status quo. They have been silently in control of the Earth for centuries, but even such great experience could not prepare them for the Keating Konflict. The Eagle Enterprises' technology is, on Earth standards, unmatched.



Enterprise Construction Yard Enterprise Construction Yard
The Construction Yard is the centre of a base. It constructs all Enterprise buildings.
Enterprise Power Plant Enterprise Power Plant - Supplies800
This oil-fired Power Plant provides 200 power. Beware that destruction of the Power Plant would result in a highly dangerous incendiary explosion.
Enterprise Supply Depot Enterprise Supply Depot - Supplies2000
Supply Trucks deposit supplies at these Supply Depots. The Supply Depot itself comes with a free Supply Truck.
Enterprise Barracks Enterprise Barracks - Supplies500
Infantry are trained and produced by this structure. It also allows the construction of defences. Multiple Barracks decrease infantry build times.
Enterprise Communications Centre Enterprise Communications Centre - Supplies1000
This structure provides the mini-map display.
Enterprise Naval Shipyard Enterprise Naval Shipyard - Supplies1000
Ships and naval-based helicopters are produced by this structure. It also can repair damaged naval vessels. Multiple Naval Yards decrease vehicle build times.
Enterprise Weapons Factory Enterprise Weapons Factory - Supplies2000
Vehicles and transports are produced by this structure. Multiple Weapons Factories decrease vehicle build times.
Enterprise Repair Depot Enterprise Repair Depot - Supplies800
Vehicles can be repaired by this structure.
Enterprise Advanced Communications Centre Enterprise Advanced Communications Centre - Supplies1000
This structure grants the ability to use the Headquarters Uplink special.
Enterprise Supply Drop Zone Enterprise Supply Drop Zone - Supplies5000
The Supply Drop Zone calls reinforcement planes to deliver very large amounts of supplies approximately every 5 minutes. The supplies must be manually collected by a Supply Truck.


Walls Walls - Supplies100
Walls impede enemy movement. They can only be destroyed by explosive weapons.
Gate Gate - Supplies300 - Graphic by BobingAbout
Gates can be inserted into walls to impede enemies without restricting allied movement. Two orientations are available.
Land Mine Land Mine - Supplies200
The Land Mine is an invisible structure that self-destructs when units pass over it. The Land Mine is indiscriminate and will detonate for both allied and enemy threats.
Rocket Launcher Rocket Launcher - Supplies1000
The Rocket Launcher is a compact turret aimed with light TOW rockets. The defence is best deployed against vehicles, however is able to harass infantry and aerial threats.
Spectral Spire Spectral Spire - Supplies1500
Spectral Spires are advanced defensive structures. Their attack strength increases when many of them are in close proximity to one another.
SAM Site S.A.M. Site - Supplies1000
This structure is solely designed to destroy enemy airbourne units, which it does so quickly and effectively.
Black Eagle Compound Black Eagle Compound - Supplies5000
The Black Eagle Command causes the Eagle Enterprise base to relinquish its Enterprise allegiance and join the Black Eagle Guild.
Earthquake Creator Earthquake Creator - Supplies10000
Upon the infiltration of an enemy Advanced Communications Centre, the Earthquake Creator becomes available. It provides the Earthquake superweapon, but will cause a large explosion upon destruction.


Light Infantry Light Infantry - Supplies100
This is a very basic infantry unit. The Light Infantry is armed with an assault rifle which is effective against infantry. This unit is vunerable to the Call To Arms superweapon.
Cannoneer Cannoneer - Supplies200 - Graphic by Dark_Elf_2001
Cannoneers are equipped with a surgically-installed cannon that fires miniature mortar projectiles that cause splash damage. They are most effective against structures and grouped threats.
Bazookaman Bazookaman - Supplies300 - Graphic by Dark_Elf_2001
Bazookamen fire light TOW rockets that devastate enemy vehicles and aircraft. They are the only infantry unit with a proper chance of attacking enemy defences.
Engineer Engineer - Supplies500
Engineers are able to capture enemy structures, in addition to repairing damaged allied structures. Engineers are the only units that can stop buildings from burning down.
Guard Dog Guard Dog - Supplies200
Guard Dogs are used to protect installations from enemy espionage. They are otherwise ineffective in armed combat.
Sniper Sniper - Supplies600
Snipers are very effective at taking out infantry at extreme ranges. They are best used to counter units such as Navy SEALs. They are useless against vehicles or structures.
Darkness Trooper Darkness Trooper - Supplies800 - Graphic by The_Guardian (used in Metal Storm by ShadowFX)
Darkness Troopers use high-powered sniper rifles equipped with specialised armour piercing bullets. Darkness Troopers are effective against both infantry and vehicles, but have less range than Snipers.
Spectral Infantry Spectral Infantry - Supplies1000
Spectral Infantry are effective against most unit types. Their deadly Spectral blast, which utilises both light and heat to perform damage, is capable of splitting onto multiple targets. They also increase the effectiveness of Spectral Mirrors.
Spy Spy - Supplies1000
This unit is able to deploy a disguise and travel into enemy bases undetected. The unit can then enter a structure and steal enemy technology (such as superweapons). Note that Guard Dogs can detect Spies.


Supply Truck Supply Truck - Supplies1000 - Graphic by Raminator
This truck travels to Tech Supply Dumps to collect supplies and then returns to the Supply Depot to store them. They are highly vulnerable to enemy attack, especially from aircraft.
Humm-Vee Humm-Vee - Supplies800 - Graphic by WeeRaby2K
The Humm-Vee is a fast and dangerous vehicle. Its high velocity machine gun is very effective against infantry.
APC A.P.C. - Supplies1400 - Graphic by HighGround
The APC is able to carry 5 infantry. It is also equipped with a high velocity machine gun, which is effective against infantry.
M551 Sheridan Sheridan Light Tank - Supplies1200 - Graphic by Spider-Man_2099
The Light Tank is an able tank that is generally effective against most targets.
Enterprise Missile Tank Enterprise Missile Tank - Supplies1600
The Eagle Enterprises' flagship vehicle is the Enterprise Missile Tank. Not only does the Enterprise Tank have more armour than most vehicles, the tank's triple rocket launcher allows it to defend against airbourne threats.
Hull Breaker Tank Hull Breaker Tank - Supplies1300
The Hull Breaker fires boring drills at targets at a rapid rate. It is a specialist tank, designed primarily for removing enemy vehicles.
Spectral Mirror Spectral Mirror - Supplies2000 - Graphic by HighGround
Once deployed, the Spectral Mirror is able to absorb and reflect Spectral energy. Combined with Spectral Infantry, this vehicle forms a valuable front-line defence.
Drill Transponder Drill Transponder - Supplies3000 - Graphic by Gamemate
The Drill Transponder is a mobile computer system that coordinates underground drilling drones in order to attack enemies. It is most effective against infantry and structures. The Drill Transponder can deploy to increase its attacks.
Amphibious Transport Amphibious Transport - Supplies750
The Amphibious Transport is able to carry 6 infantry, or alternatively 2 vehicles.


Rocket Drone Rocket Drone - Supplies1300
The Rocket Drone is a fragile yet powerful air unit. Aimed with dual missiles; this unit is also an effective anti-air defence.
Chinook Chinook - Supplies1000
The Chinook is able to carry 5 infantry. It is highly vunerable to anti-aircraft fire.
Minesweeping Drone Minesweeping Drone - Supplies1500
The Minesweeping Drone is a specialist drone designed to destroy enemy land mines and submarines. It is unable to attack any other unit type.


Patrol Boat Patrol Boat - Supplies2000 - Graphic by ArgCmdr
The Patrol Boat is a generic naval unit. It uses an armour piercing shell to attack enemies.
Missile Corvette Missile Corvette - Supplies2500
As the Enterprise Missile Tank is for the land, the Missile Corvette is for the water. The Missile Corvette is a moderately potent naval vessel able to attack both airbourne and ground-level targets.
Midget Sub Midget Sub - Supplies2000
The Midget Sub is equipped with torpedoes that can surprise unaware SAM Catamarrans or similar vessels. The sub can fire two torpedoes before reloading.
Spectral Destroyer Spectral Destroyer - Supplies5000 - Graphic by Me2
The Spectral Destroyer is the most devastating Spectral unit available on the battlefield. The Spectral blast cuts through all ground-level targets with the utmost of ease.


Headquarters Uplink Headquarters Uplink
This special automatically reveals the entire battlefield after ten minutes.
Earthquake Earthquake
This superweapon causes an Earthquake Creator to unleash an earthquake at the targeted area.

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