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The Black Eagle Guild

The Black Eagle Guild exists as a tool to be used by the Eagle Enterprises in the interests of balancing good and evil. It is the brainchild of its creator, whom ultimately was seeking to obtain immortality. He was unable to pursue his dream, and so he created a rudimentary AI to lead his new faction. This AI knows no creativity or imagination, and inevitably leads its forces into creating a monumental path of destruction.

Note: The Black Eagle Guild is a subfaction of the Eagle Enterprises. The Guild is unable to construct any Buildings and merely uses the resources at its disposal.



Dark Missile Battery Dark Missile Battery - Supplies500
The Dark Missile Battery is a potent defence aimed with a triple rocket launcher, and is effective against all unit types. Dark Missile Batteries are unstable and can chain-react when in close proximity to one another.
Black Eagle Compound Black Eagle Compound - Supplies5000
The Black Eagle Command is the capital of the Black Eagle Guild. It provides 500 power, the mini-map display and the Return to Enterprise special.


Dark Cannoneer Dark Cannoneer - Supplies200 - Graphic by Chrono Loony
Dark Cannoneers are surgically installed into full body armour to grant them extra protection.
Darkness Incarnate Darkness Incarnate - Supplies800 - Graphic by The_Guardian (used in Metal Storm by ShadowFX)
Darkness Incarnate have greater hitpoints and armour than Darkness Troopers. They are generally more effective in combat.
Spectral Infantry Spectral Infantry - Supplies1000 - Graphic by Dark_Elf_2001
Spectral Infantry receive the same armour bonus given to all Black Eagle Guild infantry. As with their Enterprise cousins, they remain a dominating force on the battlefield.


Black Eagle Guild Return to Enterprise
This returns control of the Eagle Enterprise base back to the Eagle Enterprises. A percentage of Black Eagle Guild structures and units will revert to their Enterprise equivalents or self-destruct.

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