Keating Konflux


This log contains all the changed made to the game up to the latest online release.


Online Release
AI scripts added
Cameos added
'Hull Breaker Tank' added
'Spectral Mirror' added
'M.L.R.S.' added


'I.F.V.' added
'Abrams Heavy Tank' added


'Salvaged Medium Tank' added
'Airstrike Infantry' tweaked
The 'Allied Wall' is now known as 'Concrete Wall'
'Spectral Shock Troops' are now 25% faster
The 'Prism Destroyer' is now known as 'Spectral Destroyer'
The 'Prism Tower' is now known as 'Spectral Spire'
The 'Prism Infantry' is now known as 'Spectral Infantry'
The 'Spectral Infantry' is now known as 'Spectral Shock Troops'
'Prism Technology' is now known as 'Spectral Technology'
The 'Multiple Launch Rocket System' is now known as the M.L.R.S. Bombard Ship'
The 'SAM Site' is now known as the 'S.A.M. Site'
The 'AAV (APC) is now known as the 'A.P.C.'
The 'Missile Barrage' now displays the correct strings
The 'Field Command' now allows construction of the 'Component Tower'
The 'A Call To Arms' now has 50% less charge time in 'Nuclear Escalation'


Online Release
Cameos added
Graphics added
'Earthquake' fixed


Graphics added
'Soverign Lands' and 'Offical Tournament Map 4' now have arctic rules changes
Fixed 'Overgrowth' as it was missing
The 'HE' warhead now has 25% less damage radius
The 'Flamethrower' no longer appears as a starting unit in multiplayer
The 'Griffin Troops' now appears as a starting unit in multiplayer


Online Release
The 'Flamethrower' is now a radar level infantry
The 'Griffin Troops' are now basic level infantry
4 maps converted from YR to KK
The 'Drill Transponder' now has 100% more hitpoints
The 'Black Eagle Guild' no longer requires power
The 70mmE now has 25% less range


Cameos added
The 'Missile Corvette' now fires three shots per salvo


Enterprise AI added


The 'Airstrike Infantry' now have a 9mm pistol (in addition to current arsenal)
'Airstrike Infantry' fixed
All defences no longer burn
The 'Dark Missile Battery' now destroys nearby 'Dark Missile Batteries' when destroyed
The 'Airstrike' special now sends 25% less planes
The 'Chinook' can no longer gain in veterancy
The 'Dark Cannoneer' no longer is available as a starting unit in multiplayer


'Dark Missile Battery' added
'Spectral Infantry' added
'Darkness Incarnate' added
'Dark Cannoneer' added
'Black Eagle Compound' added
'Earthquake Creator' added
'New Construction Options' fixed


Enterprise infantry fixed


'Shockwave Drone' added
The 'Dirtbike' is now 10% more expensive
'A Call To Arms' fixed


'Missile Frigate' added
'Drill Transponder' added
Updated the string table
The 'Airstrike Plane' now has light armour
The 'Airstrike Plane' now has 33% less hitpoints
The 'Dirtbike' now takes 15% more time to construct
'Enterprise Missile Tank' added
Reorganised the aircraft types
The 'Midget Sub' is now perform 100% more damage
Reorganised the vehicle types
'Rocket Drone' added


'Arm Cannoneer' added


The 'SAM Site' now requires a 'Communications Centre' instead of a 'Barracks'
The 'Navy SEAL' no longer generates the SealCreate when produced
'Prism Infantry' added
'Darkness Trooper' added
'New Construction Options' fixed


The 'AWAC' now plays a sound whilst revealing terrain
Starting work on the 'Eagle Enterprises'
The 'Resistance Headquarters' is now known as the 'Field Command'


The 'Tech Redoubt' is no longer armed in 'Tech Immune' and 'Tech Immune + FFA'
The 'Spy' no longer appears in 'Nuclear Escalation' and 'Nuclear Escalation + FFA'


'Nuclear Escalation + FFA' game mode added
'Nuclear Escalation' game mode added
G.R.A.I.L. AI added
The 'Airstrike Infantry' no longer passively acquires targets
The 'Tractor Beam' now accepts commands to attack friendly targets
The 'Tractor Beam' no longer approaches targets when attacking


The 'Apache' is now known as the 'Apache Attack Helicopter'
Additional AI scripts added


The 'Multiple Lanuch Rocket System' is now a naval vessel
'SAM Support Ship' added
'Tractor Beam' added
'Airstrike Infantry' added
'Gravity Infantry' removed
Airstrikes complete


The 'Multiple Launch Rocket System' can no longer garrison the 'Heavy Weapons Platform'
'Nuclear Airstrike' added
'Carpet Bomb' removed


'Multiple Missile Matrix' added
'Airstrike Command' added
'Carpet Bomb' added
'Incendiary Strike' added
'Airstrike' added
The 'Resistance Headquarters' is now 100% more expensive
The 'Tactical Missile Silo' is now 100% more expensive
Extended superweapon charge times


The 'Hovercraft' no longer requires the 'Shipyard'
'Heavy Weapons Platform' added
'Pillbox' added
'Sell Unit' removed -- mutally exclusive with 'Tank Bunker' logic
'Multiple Launch Rocket System' added
'Dirtbike' added
The 'G.R.A.I.L.' 'Repair Bay' no longer garrisons infantry
The 'G.R.A.I.L.' 'Weapons Factory' no longer garrisons infantry
'Griffin Troops' added


Fixed up the loading screen
The 'AAV-701' is now known as the 'AAV APC'
The 'M109 Paladin' is now known as the 'Paladin Howitzer'
The 'Stridsagn 103' is now known as the 'Stridsagn Strike Tank'
The 'M551 Sheridan' is now known as the 'Sheridan Light Tank'
'Artillery Infantry' added
The 'Remnant Tactical Missile Silo' now requires espionage
'Secret Service' removed
The 'Spy Plane' now has 25% less hit points
The 'Bazookaman' no longer fires upon the 'Spy Plane'
The 'G.R.A.I.L.' 'Barracks' no longer garrisons infantry


'Gravity Infantry' added
'Flamethrower' added
Ballistic weapons now perform more damage against structures
The 70mm now has 30% less range
The SABOT now has 25% less range
The HeavySABOT now has 25% less range
The 'Navy SEAL' now has a red occupy pip


'G.R.A.I.L. Supply Drop Zone' added
'G.R.A.I.L. Advanced Communications Centre' added
'G.R.A.I.L. Repair Bay' added
'G.R.A.I.L. Weapons Factory' added
'G.R.A.I.L. Naval Yard' added
'G.R.A.I.L. Communications Centre' added
'G.R.A.I.L. Barracks' added
'G.R.A.I.L. Supply Depot' added
'G.R.A.I.L. Power Plant' added
'G.R.A.I.L. Construction Yard' added


The HighVelocityMachineGun now has 15% less range
The 7mmMachineGun now has 50% less range


Online Release
'MP5 Trooper' added
Ballistic weapons no longer release shrapnel (lag factor)
the 'Bazookaman' now passive acquires vehicles and aircraft


Ballistic weapons now have greater splash damage
the maximum starting supplies available is now 20% higher
AI players now build superweapons earlier
The 'Guard Dog' now uses alternate arctic art
InfantryTypes reorganised
The 'Sniper' now emerges from HQ buildings
The 'Hacker' no longer emerges from HQ buildings


Ballistic weapons no longer lock onto targets when nearly hitting


Reveal map trigger on 'Overgrowth' removed


Online Release
'Overgrowth (2-6)' added
'Tech Dash (2-4)' added
All mines now perform double damage
Spying system reverted
The 'Navy SEAL' now uses C4 against vehicles
All mines now perform double damage


Crates now give MCVs when needed
Crates fixed
The 'Tech Supply Dump' now drains 10000 power -- failsafe for the 'Tech Redoubt'
'Tech Dash' added
Non-Konflict maps removed
The 'Call To Arms' superweapon now produces 'Shotgunners' instead of 'Navy SEALs'


Many cameos added
The 'Navy SEAL' now equips a 7-shell automatic shotgun
The 'Shotgunner' can no longer C4 structures or travel through water
Temporary graphics added
'Scanner System' removed
'Floating Mine' removed


'Light Infantry' no longer emerges from sold or destroyed structures


'Muck’ tile added
Started work on terrains
'Light Infantry' occupies weapon tweaked
Pathfinding problem fixed


Tank projectiles are now 150% faster


The 'Supply Truck is now 20% slower
The 'Sniper' is no longer inaccurate
AI added
'Tech Supply Dump' altered
'Destroyer' added
'SAM Catamaran' added
'Midget Sub' added
'Patrol Boat' added
'Floating Mine' added
'Assault' removed
The 'Howitzer' now fires shrapnel projectiles
The 'Orion' now fires torpedoes


'Orion' added
The 'SAM Site' now fires at paratroopers
The 'Apache' now selfheals
'New Construction Options' fixed -- "To God be all the glory!"
The 'Konspiracy' 'Vats of Sorrow' now generate 66 power
Nudged up the mind control animations slightly
The 'Apache' now has 100% less sight
Removed 'Umbilical'
Fixed up a few GUI strings
The 'Eagle Enterprises' no longer appear as a random faction


'Remnant Airforce Command' removed
Still trying to fix 'New Construction Options' with Naval Yard


Still trying to fix 'New Construction Options' with Naval Yard
The 'Howitzer' is known as the 'M109 Paladin'
The 'APC' is known as the 'AAV-7A1'
The 'Light Tank' is known as the 'M551 Sheridan'
The 'Orca' is known as the 'Apache'
The 'Tank Destroyer' is known as the 'Stridsagn 103'


Trying to fix 'New Construction Options' with Naval Yard


Started work on the navy
'Chinook' added
'Howitzer' weapon fixed


'Orca' added
Hover locomotor units will no longer land at repair depots
The 'Remnant Repair Depot' no longer spawns free aircraft when built
'Remnant Helipad' added
'Remnant VTOL Pads' removed
'NanoTech Crate' altered slightly
The 'High Velocity Machine Gun' no longer creates splashes on water tiles
The 'Shotgun' is now automatic
The 'Secret Service' is no longer disguised while firing
'Sniper' added
'Tech Sniper' removed


The 'Component Tower' now has 33% additional hitpoints
The 'Construction Yard' now has 50% additional hitpoints
'Armoured Personnel Carrier' added
The 'SABOT Turret Upgrade' is now 250 less expensive
The 'Component Tower' now is automatically equipped with a high-velocity machine gun
'Dual Chainguns' removed
The 'Stealth Secret Service' is no longer immune to 'Stealth Jammers' and similar units


'Howitzer' added
'SAM Site' added
'SAM Launcher' removed
'Tank Destroyer' added
'Humm-Vee' added
'Light Tank' added


'Stealth Secret Service' added
'Tactical Nuclear Missile' fixed
'Secret Service' added
'Spy' added
'Resistance Guard' added
'Navy SEAL' added
'Resistance Guard' removed
C&C 'atmosphere' added
Inaccuracy added


'Bazookaman' added
ARTYHE warhead changed to as seen in C&C
'Tactical Missile Silo' added
'Enterprise Health Upgrade' fixed
The 'Remnant Supply Drop Zone' is now 3500 more expensive
The 'Spy Plane' is no longer immune to anti-aircraft fire
The 'Remnant Airforce Command' reinforcement rate decreased by 50%
'Resistance Base' added


'SAM Launcher' added
'SABOT Turret' added
The 'Vats of Sorrow' no longer provide power without garrisoned troops
'Bunker' added
'Dual Chainguns' added
'Component Tower' added
The 'Herdmasa Defences' no longer is invisible in Desert, Lunar or NewUrban theatres
Altered the Skullson warhead slightly


'Remnant Supply Drop Zone' added
'Remnant Airforce Command' added
The 'Remnant Airforce Command' is now known as the 'Remnant VTOL Pads'
Altered the Skullson warhead slightly
The 'PSI Mine', 'Land Mine', 'Bouncing Betty' and 'Foam Spray Mine' no longer take damage from fire
Bounty animation added
Switched GDI and Nod factions
Temporary EVA added


AI controlled 'Shock Troops' will now deploy more aggressively


'Remnant Airforce Command' added


'Remnant Nuclear Reactor' added
'Remnant C3' added
'Remnant Repair Depot' added
'Remnant Shipyard' added
Hover locomotor units will land at repair depots
'Grizzly Battle Tank' added
'Survivalist Resistance Fighter' added
'Chrono Resistance Fighter' added
'Stealth Resistance Fighter' added
'Resistance Fighter' added
'Remnant Weapons Factory' added
'Remnant Supply Depot' added
New font added
'Remnant Barracks' added
'Remnant Power Plant' added
'Remnant Construction Yard' added
'Remnant Construction Vehicle' added


The 'Lombax Engineer' is now 25% faster
'Photon Hover Tank' replaced by 'Laser Hover Tank'


'Laser Back' tweaked
The 'Tech Supply Dump' now has an additional entrance
'Subterrenean Scan' upgraded considerably
All economic units are now immune to the 'Shield of Despair'
'Supply Truck' added
New mind control icon added
Crates added
'Nanotech' crates added


Powerup crates removed
The 'Konspiracy' 'Mobile Grinder' is now 500 less expensive
The 'Konspiracy' 'Grinder' is now 500 more expensive
Fire element weapons now spawn fire particles


Miners can now harvest from the 'Tech Supply Dump'


'Tech Supply Dump' added
'Slave' added
'Drill' removed
'Konspiracy' 'Grinder' build time increased by 33%
Work continues on the economy systems


The 'Blackbox' no longer is damaged by its own attacks
HQ buildings are now immune to 'burning' damage
The 'Initiate' no longer appears as a starting unit
'Insomniac' 'Scrambler Banks' fixed
'Konspiracy' 'Blackbox' now works differently
Highly damaged buildings will now 'burn' themselves to destruction


The 'Konspiracy' 'Grinder' is now 600 more expensive
The 'Konspiracy' 'Grinder' no longer requires the war factory to construct
'Konspiracy' 'Ore Refinery' removed
'Konspiracy' 'Stealth Miner' removed
'Bounty' economic system added
'Konspiracy' 'Vats of Sorrow' build time increased by 25%
'Konspiracy' 'Shield of Despair' improved
'Initiate' added
'Blackguard' removed
The 'Initiate' is now known as the 'Illusionist'


Work continues on 'New Urban' theatre
'Attack Alien' now has 75 additional hitpoints
'Lombax Engineer' now has 75 additional hitpoints


Started work on 'New Urban' theatre


'Mobile Grinder' added


'Laser Back' added
'Insomniac' vehicles now work to an acceptable standard
'Insomniac Manufacture' added
'Insomniac Advanced AI' added
Non-Konflict houses removed from drop-down menu


'Insomniac' vehicles currently do not re-activate if deactivated
'Insomniac AI' added


Fixed 'New Construction Options' with Herdmasa Prime
The 'Suicide Bomber' no longer requires to deploy to attack
'Herdmasa Omega' now is a 'Lightning Storm' style superweapon
'Herdmasinator's Blade' secondary weapon now has a stronger shot but takes longer to reload
MCV units are now immune to P.S.I.
Teleporting units can no longer garrison buildings
'Seth the 50th' hitpoints, speed and naval targetting improved slightly


'Chronoguild' superweapons are no longer immunes to P.S.I.
'Watchful Transport' added
'Hijacker Drone' added
'Foam Drone' added
'Landstalker' added
'Programmer's Secret' added
'Scrambler Banks' added
'Insomniac EMP Defences' added
'Insomniac Immboliser' added


The 'Tech Airport' superweapons now require five minutes to charge
'Pornographic Lance' tweaked
The 'Detector Dome' is now known as the 'Stealth Cancellation Field'
The 'Scanner System' is now known as the 'Stealth Jammer'
The 'P.S.I. Sensor' no longer detects stealth or subterreanan


Mines are no longer detected by the 'Scanner System', 'Detector Dome', 'P.S.I. Sensor' or 'Watchful Eye'
The 'Scanner System', 'Detector Dome', 'P.S.I. Sensor' and 'Watchful Eye' now all function correctly
'Insomniac Star Explorer' added
Switched the cameo order of gates and mines
The 'Enterprise Scanner Upgrade' is now 500 more expensive but reveals 3 times the area
'Insomniac 70mm Stalker Turret' added


The 'Photon Hover Tank' now performs 40% less damage
'Guild Armour Plant' graphic added


The 'Watchful Eye' is no longer capturable by engineers
The 'Tech Scanner Array' now works
The 'Tech Artillery' no longer uses its elite weapon when elite
The 'Suicide Bomber' is now immune to radiation


'Watchful Eye' added
'Insomniac Hrugis Uplink' added


'Insomniac Museum' added
'Insomniac Repair Bay' added
'Insomniac Naval Shipyard' added
'Insomniac Robotic Corps' added
'Insomniac Aerospace Centre' added
'Insomniac Security' added
'Insomniac Umbilical' added
'Insomniac Construction Yard' added
'Insomniac MCV' added
The 'Photon Hover Tank' is now a detector
'Survivalist Insomniac' added
'Chrono Insomniac' added
'Stealth Insomniac' added
'Insomniac' added
'Insomniac Special' started
'Critical Locations' now have 50% more health
'Enlightenment' and 'Health Upgrade' should now heal an area instead of a single unit


The 'Chronoguild' are now complete
'Stealth Brayden Holliday' added
'Survivalist Brayden Holliday' added
'Chrono Brayden Holliday' added
'Stealth Shock Troops' added
'Survivalist Shock Troops' added
'Chrono Shock Troops' added
'Carryall' added
'Craske Bomber' added
'Guild VTOL Pad' added
'Projector-Destroyer' added
'Chrono Projector' added
'Sharpshooter Tank' added
'Heavy Troop Transport' added
'Photon Hover Tank' added
'Chrono Legionnaire' added
'Chrono Charger' added
'Infiltrator' added
'Cosmonant' added


'Chronowall' added
'Chronosphere' added
'Autorepair Centre' added
'Construction Plant' added
'Chronoblaster' added
'Lombax Engineer' and 'Attack Alien' build time reduced by 25%
'Photon Projector' added


'Shock' weapons now fire a purple beam attack


'Guild Chrono Regeneration' added
'Guild Repair Pad' added
'Guild Armour Plant' added
'Guild Naval Shipyard' added
'Guild Computer Banks' added


The 'Truck (loaded)' no longer appears as a starting unit


'Guild Barracks' added
'Guild Ore Teleport Pad' added
'Guild Time Filter' added
'Guild Chrono Transponder' added
'Chrono Miner' added
'Chrono Transponder' added
'Shock Troops' added
'Chronoguild' started
The 'Keating Konspiracy' is now complete
'Land Mines' no longer attack or damage buildings
'Skullson Snipership' added
'Skullson Support Frigate' added
'Skullson Corvette' added
'Land Mines' are now immune to themselves
The 'Suicide Bomber' is now immune to its own explosives
Fixed elite 'Skullson' warhead


'Nuclear Transport' added
'Stealth Drone' added
'Terror Drone' added
'Skullson Shottank' added
Teleporting units are now immune to the 'Shield of Despair'
Hero units are now immune to the 'Shield of Despair'
Fixed 'New Construction Options' with the labs
'Chrono Ratchet' added
'Survivalist Ratchet' added
'Stealth Ratchet' added
'Initiate' added
'Blackguard' added
Additional 'Tiberian Sun' animations added


'Initiate' started
The 'Herdmasinator's Blade' is now 75% less effective against concrete armour
'Shield of Despair' added


'Temporal Terrorist' added
'Charge Planter' added
'Suicide Bomber' added
'Konspiracy Engineer' added
'Cryogenic Missile Silo' added
'Pornographic Lance' added


'Skullson Snipertower' added
'Skullson AA defences' added
'Blackbox' added
'Codewall' added
'Chrono Seth the 50th' added
'Survivalist Seth the 50th' added
'Stealth Seth the 50th' added
The 'Herdmasinator' is 1000 more expensive


'Stealth Miner' added
'Konspiracy Cloning Vats' added
'Konspiracy Grinder' added
'Konspiracy Technology Spheres' added
'Konspiracy Naval Shipyard' added
'Konspiracy Konspirator's Anvil' added
'Konspiracy Ore Refinery' added
'Konspiracy Cradle of Sin' added
'Konspiracy Vats of Sorrow' added
'Konspiracy Construction Yard' added
'Survivalist Killer' added
'Stealth Killer' added
'Chrono Killer' added
'Killer' added
'Konspiracy Construction Vehicle' added
'Keating Konspiracy' started
The 'Prism Destroyer' is now 900 more expensive


'Eagle Enterprises' complete
Basic 'Enterprise' AI added
The 'Enterprise' 'Drill' is no longer crushable
'Earthshaker Strike' added
The 'Enterprise Reinforcement Platform' is now an AI-only structure
'Prism Destroyer' added
The 'Giant Squid' will no longer paralyse naval transport units
'Enterprise Balancer' added
Elite missile trails are now more gold in colour
'Survivalist Battlefield Expert' added
'Chrono Battlefield Expert' added
'Stealth Battlefield Expert' added


Additional 'Veldin' templates added


'Veldin' theatre started
'Prism Sub' added
'Drill Summoning Transport' added
'Prism Tank' added
'Armoured Personnel Carrier' added
'Enterprise Tank' added
HQ buildings are now immune to 'P.S.I. Control'
'Hacker' added
'Drill Transponder' added
[C-GEN] 'Assault' added
'Tech Immune + FFA' added
'Tech Immune' added
Fixed the players colours in the drop down box


'Kadre' added
'Prism Commando' added
'Eagle Wing' added
'Robotic Canine' added
'Transport Upgrade' added
'Earthquake Upgrade' added
'Enterprise Reinforcement Platform' added
Residual 'Tiberian Sun' animations now use the correct palette
Missile launcher weapons now use a better animation when occupy firing
Sniper rifle weapons now use the VTMUZZLE animation when occupy firing
Most transculent animations are no longer transculent
Some animations now require higher detail levels


Fixed a bug with 'Strength Multiplier' superweapon
Auto-repair no longer commences unless the player has more than 2000 credits
Elite missile trails are now gold in colour
'EML Battery' added
'Drill Summoner' added
'Prism Tower' added
'Health Upgrade' added
The 'Enterprise' 'Drill Station' is now 250 more expensive and takes 25% longer to build
[Mythmeep] player controlled structures will now auto-repair
'Scanner Upgrade' added


'Enterprise Technology Compound' added
'Kalifornia' and 'Brink of Disaster' edited to remove naval yards
Slowed down the 'Enterprise Drill' as it keep on getting lost
'Enterprise Repair Drill' added
'Enterprise Naval Shipyard' added
'Enterprise Mapping Drill' added
The 'Eagle Enterprises' now work with the AI
'Enterprise Tank Compound' added
'Enterprise Drill Station' added
'Enterprise Engineer' added
'Battlefield Expert' added
'Enterprise Training Campus' added
'Enterprise Geothermal Generator' added
'Enterprise Command Campus' added
'Eagle Enterprises' started
'Paradise Troopers' now take slightly longer to build
'Resistance Guard' now use 'GI' sounds
'Kalifornia' and 'Brink of Disaster' edited to include Tech Fortresses
The 'Herdmasinator's Blade' is now immune to its own poison
The 'Circumference Vessel' is 300 more expensive
The 'Emissary' now fires more rockets per salvo
The 'Herdmasinator's Blade' will now use virus bullets against infantry
The 'Star Explorer' is now more effective
The 'Herdmasinator' can now garrison buildings


New spying system added -- recieve a special structure that gives hero and infantry bonuses
'Herdmasa Omega' added
'A Hundred Herdmasa' removed
Fixed 'New Construction Options' with 'Herdmasa' 'Emergency VTOL Pads'
'Paradise' missiles now have a graphic
'Drone Carrier' added
'Circumference Vessel' added
'Paradise Vessel' added
'Emissary' added
'Herdmasa' 'Star Explorer' added
'Herdmasinator's Blade' added
'Emancipator' added
Fixed 'New Constructions Options' with 'Herdmasa' 'Emergency Scrapyard'
'Herdmasa' 'Advanced Defences' no longer pause before firing


Fixed crash with elite 'Liberator Tanks'
'Drone Launcher' added
'Rapid Response Vehicle' added
'Mission Transport' added
'Herdmasinator' added
Player controlled units are now more intelligent
'Yuri' removed
'Enforcer' added


'Parasite' added
All 'Herdmasa' buildings now self-heal when undeployed
'A Hundred Herdmasa' added
'Herdmasa Omega' removed
Mouse cursors replaced


'Sky Healer' added
The 'Virus' now belongs to the 'Herdmasa'
Updated the pips on all completed units to as seen in C&C
'Paradise Trooper' added
'Attack Alien' added
'Lombax Engineer' added
'Herdmasa Omega' added
Screenshot filenames changed
'Resistance Guard' added
'Tech Spy' added
'Tech Sniper' added
'Tech Scanner Array' added
'Tech Artillery' added
'Tech Supply Dump' added
The 'Tech Oil Derrick' now provides 200 power
'Tech Fortress' added
'Tech Airport' now has two paradrops of various tech units
AA defences now fire on dropped units
AA defences no longer fire on paradrop planes
'Chronoguild' 'Detector Dome' added, but given to 'Yuri' for now
'Scanner System' added
Both 'Laser Fences' added
'Insomniac' 'Foam Spray Mines' added, but given to 'Allies' for now
'Konspiracy' 'P.S.I. Mines' added, but given to 'Yuri' for now


Finished first tab of 'Herdmasa', including temporary cameos
'Herdmasa' 'Land Mines' added
'Remnant Allies' 'Bouncing Betty Mines' added, but given to 'Soviet' for now
Working on other two mines


Since no AI success so far => switched 'Yuri' & 'Herdmasa' => Result: 'Herdmasa' Works! Conclusion: 3 SIDES ONLY!


Continuing 'Herdmasa'


Four 'Herdmasa' buildings complete


'Herdmasa' started
Restarting project for Yuri's Revenge



URL in string tables updated
The black text in the loading screens removed
The 'Klique' 'Ore Detonator' has a minor graphics fix
The 'Krusade' 'Research Facility' has a minor graphics fix
Interesting lunar test map added -- 'Soviet' mission 1


'Urban.mpr' updated
INI files for 'FinalAlert 2' added
The 'Klique' 'Ore Detonator' has a minor graphics fix
the 'Krusade' 'Research Facility' has a minor graphics fix
Loading screens replaced
The 'Korporation' 'Scarlet Uplink' has a minor graphics fix


Finished work on canal bridges


Started work on canal bridges


The 'Floating Disruptor' now has 33% less hit points and is 500 more expensive
The 'Landstalker' is now faster over ore fields and rough areas
Fixed 'New Construction Options' with 'Klique' 'Catherdal'
The 'Klique' 'Catherdal' can now train 'Engineers' without a 'Klique' 'Chapel'


'Sandbags' no longer appear in 'Strawberry Fields'
The 'Polar Bear' no longer uses human dying animations
The 'Remnant' 'SAM Launcher' now fires two shots per salvo
The 'KK Activator.bat' will no longer rename icons
The 'Lightning Griffin' will now fire both the 'Vulcan Gun' and 'Missiles'
The 'Enterprise Cannon Tank' now self-heals
The 'Photon Hover Tank' will no longer appear in 'Strawberry Fields'
The 'Missile Miner' will no longer appear in 'Strawberry Fields'
Fixed 'New Construction Options' on the 'Wanderers'
The 'Chrono Legionniare' will no longer appear in 'Strawberry Fields'
The 'Tech Buildings' are now eligible for allied construction
The 'Tanya' graphics are removed
The 'Parasite' will no longer appear in 'Strawberry Fields'
The 'Enforcer' will no longer appear in 'Strawberry Fields'
The 'Sky Medic' will no longer appear in 'Strawberry Fields'
'Kilkakon' is now 1000 more expensive -- and still a bargain
The 'Watchtower' now fires spears
Fixed a missing string table entry for 'Strawberry Fields'


Fixed a few ingame graphics
'Cooperative' mode disabled -- crashes game


Activation/deactivation setup program improved


The 'Chrono' weapons now display the animation as it appears in the original 'Red Alert 2'
The 'Herdmasa' 'A.P.C.' now does more damage


Menus finished
The 'Epsilon Soldier' is now known as the 'Paradise Trooper' and is 100 more expensive
The 'Drone Bomber' is now more powerful
The 'Herdmasa' 'A.P.C.' now fires missiles


The 'Cryosphere' is now known as the 'Cryogenic Annihilator' in skirmish mode as it does not destroy the planet
The 'Snapshot Tank' now requires the radar to be constructed
The 'Resistance Fighter' now uses more accurate sounds
The 'Programmer Tank' can now use its repair beam on the move
The 'Remnant' 'SAM Site' now fires twice
Started work on the menus


The 'Stealth Drone' now fires missiles and is 400 more expensive, and in SF switches with 'Konspiracy Battle Tank'
The 'Strawberry Fields + FFA' players may no longer ally with one another
The 'Missile Landing Craft' now fires more rocks per salvo when elite
The 'Lightning Griffin' now fires missiles against aircraft


The 'Herdmasa' buildings are no longer 'Selectable Combantants' ('T' key)
In 'Custom FFA + No Shroud' the 'Herdmasa Prime' will now reveal the map


The 'Photon Robot Tank' no longer can crush sandbags or infantry


The 'Herdmasa' 'Integration' is now spelt correctly
The 'Automated Pill Box' now has 25% more hit points and fires more shots per salvo
The 'Frigate' is now known as the 'Balancer'
The 'Missile Landing Craft' now has 33% more hit points and fires more rockets per salvo
The 'Drill Summoning Transport' now has 25% less range
'Shock Troops' are now 50 more expensive
The 'Skullson Support Frigate' no longer can fire missiles at non-submarine targets
The 'Herdmasinator's Blade' now looks even cooler!
'Orbital' weapons no longer have a graphic


Fixed a graphic problem in framework mode in 'FinalAlert 2'
The 'Scarlet Dagger' is now 500 more expensive
The 'Orca' now fires 'AEGIS' missiles against aircraft
Continuing work on AI -- this is the last job on 'Keating Konflict' for phase 1!


'Dr. Atwell' is now known as 'Dr. Griffin' and is 2700 more expensive
'Seth the 50th' no longer uses C4
The 'Herdmasa' 'Dog' is now known as 'Epsil' Dog' as a temporary measure


'Transitions' now have a marble madness mode -- makes things far easier with map editing
Veldin trees inserted into 'Final Rules'


The 'Doppelgänger' is now spelt correctly


Water bridge added -- graphics will be replaced later
Postponing tunnels for later as it is not urgent
Temporary space tiles added -- better graphics postponed for later as it is not urgent


Uluru tileset added


'Shield of Despair' tweaked
'Secret Service' no longer C4 tanks
Shroud re-enabled
An extra .bat file for 'FinalAlert 2' and finalrules.ini added to avoid crashes with map editation


In 'Free For All' players may no longer ally with one another


The 'Scarlet Dagger' is now 400 more expensive
The 'Tank Manipulator' is now the 'Herdmasinator's Blade', a fearsome weapon against most things


'Remnant Allies' 'SAM Site' no longer shoots at ground targets and is now fires twice


The 'MI6' is now known as the 'Agent'
The 'Operative' is now known as the 'MI6'


Starting work on AI
'Naval War' complete -- please test
Postponing 'Space Battle' and 'Lunar Assualt' for later as it is not urgent
'Strawberry Fields' complete


There will be no 'Space Battle' or 'Lunar Assualt' in skirmish
Converting 'Strawberry Fields' to new system


Major problem spotted: cameos do not change when you change a graphic. trying to fix


The AI should work correctly with more than three AI players -- please test
'Enterprise' miners will no longer keeps you in the game (i.e. 'Stealth Miners')
'Herdmasa' 'Prime''s undeployed state is now known as 'Herdmasa Prime (Packed)'


"Praise the Lord!" He fixed my crash


Did a few temporary pictures for the factions
Getting crashes with AI in 'Space Battle'


Started work on the 'Space Battle' mode
The 'Looted Harvester' will no longer appear in crates
'Klique' AI 'Catherdal' will no longer have walls placed around it
'Insomniac' 'Watchful Eye' and 'Hrugis Uplink' now draw money correctly
'Insomniac' 'Hacker Station' replaced by 'Hrugis Uplink'
'Flame' weapons are now effective against trees


'Dr. Atwell' added
'Herdmasinator' added
'Lombax Killer' added -- unfortunately, the gas must be grey and can't be red
'Virus' gas is now grey in colour
'SAM Launcher' no longer fires at targets on ground level
'Operative' added
'Brayden Holliday' added
'Seth the 50th' added
The 'Chrono Tank' no longer can move into the shrouds
'Disruptor' now self heals, has a special anti-tank attack when elite and is 100 more expensive
'Cryogenic Incinerator' replaced by 'Cryogenic Catapult', near same except it has an arching shot
'Kilkakon' is now able to destroy walls, bridges and aerial targets
Cloned the 'Klique' 'Catherdal', 'Crisis Container' and both superweapons to avoid a crash with AI
Fixed 'New Construction Options' on the 'Klique' 'Catherdal'


Fixed a crash when building 'Apocalypse'
Shield of despair tweaked
'Telepathic Trooper' cameo changed, graphics over water fixed
'G.R.A.I.L.' now has an upgrade to 'Solar Cells', replacing 'P.S.I. Detector'
Changed the 'Sofia' EVA to the 'Command & Conquer' EVA (as much as possible)
The 'Mini-Turret Drone' fires bullets when undeployed
'G.R.A.I.L.' now has the 'Griffin's Pride' superweapon, replacing 'Chronosphere'
The 'Battlefield Expert' is now slightly more effective against heavy infantry and light buildings


Veldin trees complete


Started to add some veldin trees. two done so far


'G.R.A.I.L.' now has the 'Lightning Griffin', replacing 'Cyborg'


'Shield of Despair' is more effective and can detect incoming threats to itself
Fixed wrong prerequisite with 'Naval Nuclear Device'
'Herdmasa Economic' may be built ten times during a game -- avoiding monopolisation
'Konspiracy' battle labs no longer produce the 'New Construction Options' bug
'V3 Launcher' is 100 cheaper
The 'Doppelganger Missile' will now function correctly
The 'Mirage Tank' and the 'Missile Crawler' now appear above the 'V3 Amp. Transport'


'Programmer's Secret' may be built twice during a game -- allows for partial defeats
'Herdmasa Financial' may be built thrice during a game -- allows for partial defeats
'LA Reservior' bug isolated -- all non-'Konflict' 'Urban' theatre maps will crash -- solution: redo good ones
'Herdmasa' players rejoice! all cameos in first tab replaced
All unit superpowers have a slightly more suitable cameo


'Missile Landing Craft' can no longer fire at targets on ground level
Changed several look-a-like graphics to different ones
'Disruption Device' now 33% slower and 12% cheaper
All lombax units now correctly self heal and double self heal when elite
Playing the map 'LA Reservior' causes the game to crash; no apparent reason
'Konspiracy' factions have the 'New Construction Options' bug


Removed failed attempt at an 'Enterprise' defense


The strawberry AI may now build the 'Cryogenic Incinerator'


Switched the order of a few cameos around
The 'Seige Chopper' finally has working graphics
'Insomniac' 'Gatling Cannon' is now anti-ground (really)
The 'Insomniac Special' can no longer build the 'Looted Miner'


'AutoBahn' is almost up to par -- the vehicles are not done, i'll do later -- as a megawealth map
'Insomniac' 'EMP Defense' removed
'Insomniac' 'Gatling Cannon' is now anti-ground and faster firing
'Insomniac' 'Laser Turret' is now more powerful, but uses power
'V3 Rockets' are now faster, 'V3 Launcher' is more expensive
All advanced powers (nuclear etc.) more are 500 more expensive
'Scarlet Lightning' now fires a single blast that does immense damage
Gone back to old old spysat system for 'Subterranean Research'


Changed the enterprise map revealing system again, this time it's the 'Subterranean Research'
'Bandits' and 'Innocents' are now crushable
'Pill Box' (enterprise basic defense) is now known as 'Drill Station'
'Medical Transport' replaced by 'Drill Summoning Transport' (tanks only heal tanks, infantry only heal infantry)
'Eagle Strike Sub' no longer requires 'Subterranean Research', only 'Technology Compound'
All drilled weapons no longer use distrubuted fire as it made the weapons near useless
'Tech Outpost' now acquires targets automatically but can't use the 'Sell Unit' superweapon
Tech buildings no longer keep you in the game in 'Tech Immune'
Started work on the 'Enterprise Scanner' but haven't finished it yet


Started work on Seth's 'AutoBahn' level. Basically redo the entire level
Unknown bug with 'Remnant Allies' remains to be fixed
Fixed the spacing of custom map mode and multiplayer modes in mode select


Changelog started
Fixed a crash when building 'Missile Landing Craft'
Reverted 'Programmer's Secret' back to old style. Sure, 25000 credits is nice, but not 20 minutes from now!
May have fixed 'Orbital Insertion' bug (reconnection errors and internal errors)
Had a short look at the 'MinerMissile' weapon

The Keating Konflict project commenced in September 2006

© 2007 Erin Atwell, Sam Herdman, Brayden Holliday, Tristan Keating & Seth Woolley trading as Keating Konflux
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