Keating Konflux

Strawberry Fields Forever

Strawberry Fields Forever is a unique modification of Civilization 2. Its stage is indeed within the Keating Konflict universe, but in the nightmare world that is controlled by an evil and corrupt foe, whose word and will is law. It is a game to him, to see the tears that fall from no food, no friends and no life. To wander the dunes that stretch forever. To listen to the distant screams of the fallen. To eat the very sand beneath your feet. This is Strawberry Fields. This is no escape, except to embrace the decadent paradise that it is. Only the fallen are freed. But the chosen that do survive, will live, and live forever. Strawberry Fields Forever!

© 2007 Erin Atwell, Sam Herdman, Brayden Holliday, Tristan Keating & Seth Woolley trading as Keating Konflux
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