Keating Konflux

The Konflux Team

There are five members of the Keating Konflux, who all work in different ways and means. Individual descriptions of each of them are below.

ALIAS Lightning Griffin
Erin Atwell
Erin adds an interesting element to the Keating Konflux team. Often in meetings the team can become over-enthusiastic quite easily; Erin is able to restore a balance of both logic and creativity. She astrides herself in her creative abilities and is able to write effective poetry and song lyrics as well as unusual and twisted stories. Erin looks set to be a valuable contributor for the Konflux YouTube Channel.

ALIAS Herdmasa
Sam Herdman
Sam is the audio technician of the Keating Konflux team. Often the most entertaining and comedic, Sam is able to produce funny clips and sounds at a moment's notice. He is probably one of the best players in the Konflux team, as he is able to surpass almost all opponents in most game genre types.

Brayden Holliday
Brayden is another one of the Konflux team members. He is focusing on QA and storyline on the Keating Konflict and is able to provide a fresh prespective with his abilities in empathy and public relations. Brayden looks set to become a valuable Konflux forum member.

ALIAS Kilkakon
Tristan Keating
Tristan Keating is the founder and leader of the Keating Konflux. He is the main driving force behind the Keating Konflict, Strawberry Fields Forever and the Keating Konflux website. Tristan has a multitude of abilities, ranging from acting to coding, and strives to enhance the Konflux community as much as possible. He also heads up the Konflux YouTube Channel and maintains the Konflux forums.

ALIAS Seth the 50th
Seth Woolley
Seth is one of the most enthusiastic Konflux members. He works as hard as possible on the Keating Konflict, providing valuable assistance with bugs and crashes, drawing a large quantity of concept art and fulling in gaps on the Keating Konflict timeline. He has played the Keating Konflict more than any other.

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